The Importance of Moisture Testing Concrete Subfloors

Moisture RH levels

Concrete is a permeable substance capable of absorbing and releasing moisture, which can continue to affect the RH of a slab long after it’s been placed. Sources of Moisture in Concrete There are many ways that moisture gets into a concrete slab. Ground moisture can enter either through capillary action or as water vapor. Groundwater […]

Avoid Construction Delays During Shoulder Season

Cold Weather Concrete Construction

It’s cold out there! Shoulder season has brought record-breaking cold temperatures across Canada and the United States. Not only are these temperature fluctuations uncomfortable (to say the least), but they’re also taking their toll on hard infrastructure like buildings, roads, bridges, and tunnels. In fact, construction crews in both countries are having to delay construction […]

Giving Decision Makers More Control Over the Cold

Using Smart Concrete during cold weather

SmartRock® Plus: A Value-Added Solution for Cold-Weather Concrete Construction Before the coming Christmas holidays, residents of Canada and the United-States may be getting their first taste of winter. While snow storms are unpleasant for most, harsh weather can be even worse for construction. Stormy weather makes for unworkable conditions, thereby slowing down job performance. In […]